AG Chandigarh Haryana Government Final GPF Payment Online salary pension


Haryana Government Accountant General official website is Here you can find your basic details like missing credit deduction in your salary and annual statement of your General provident fund account which is maintained by AG Haryana. Also govt employees in Chandigarh can check all details online using the same.

How to check Final GPF Payments Online:

Subscribers can check and download the details of their final gpf at the tie of retirement, please follow the steps to check its status

@> Select your series code.
@> Enter your GPF Account Number provided by AG (A&E).
@> Enter you four Digit PIN
@> Click on Submit Button.

Ag Chandigarh Haryana

How to register New Admissions Of GPF in AG Haryana Chandigarh:

After Getting government Job employee gets a unique PF number which is called General Provident fund, In which same fixed amount of salary is deducted from the subscribers account, For checking its status subscriber should register online with his/her a/c so please follow the steps below:

@> Enter your name.
@> Enter the Date Of Birth.
@> Enter the reference number given by your department
@> Click on Submit Button.

Information for Employees:

Now the General PF can be check via the website of AG Haryana Chandigarh there you need to fill the following details
@> First of all you need to Select your series code which is given by AG Hry.
@> Then enter GPF Account Number provided by AG (A&E).
@> Enter you four Digit Pin (first time user its default PIN)
@> Click on Submit Button.

Know your GPF

How to check salary status Using esalaryhry

Now Haryana Govt employee can check their salary status online using

There they need to fill the following details
Pensioner Services:
@> Enter your name.
@> If your date of retirement is 1 June 2002 then enter 01/06/2002. Date of Retirement should be as per Government records.

Check your Pension details

Retired govt employees can now get their pension status online using the link below

@> enter PPO/UniqueCode

@> Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) (e.g. 1/5/2012 written as 01/05/2012)

  1. See your Salary:
  2. Enter User Name
  3. Enter Password
  4. Select Year
  5. Enter Code *

(Given in Green Box)

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  1. Anonymous says

    How i can see my father pension . my father expired in 1984

  2. Sudhakar says

    My gpf account is 5292jails ple send SMS alerts to my number 9701724711

  3. Azad zafri says

    My father’s gpf statement.My father’s name Kamruddin son of Rehmat.GPF a/c no. is 26240

  4. lshwer says

    gpf no 1010

  5. Hukma Ram Daiyar says

    My GPF Account no. Is Hrvety12465 Plz send SMS Alerts on my mobile no. Is 9416596194

  6. raman says

    plz help me to find the esalary code?

  7. Salma khan says

    sir my father’s gps balance my father nam Yameen khan gps A/c no 9145 and mobile no 09991737305 plz mere father ka gps 2015 balance btaye plzplz plz…

  8. Randhir Singh says

    GPF No HR FOR 3119,
    please Sand My GPF PIN No
    sand Mobail.No 9813207322

  9. Ram ji lal says

    My gpf no. HRV 9075 my mobile no.9416833335

  10. Rajbir Singh says

    I do not get sleep of gpf. what i do?


    Gpf password no. 148853
    Mobile 9416487045
    plz send me my statement

  12. Devinder singh says

    Send my gpf stayement 2015-16 and gpf pin no on my mobile no 9467132286

  13. ratan singh says

    sir isme pin kaha se lena padta h