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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)


Question 1:  If you have not received PIN number or you forget the PIN (Personal Identification Number) then how to access the status of your general provident fund (GPF) account or how to get the status of GPF final payment.


Answer: You need to register your complaint on with indicate your name, GPF account no. (with prefix series such as GA, PWD, Med), and you details and particulars of present officers like DDO, and their correspondence address etc. please fill it completely.


Question2: My General provident fund (GPF) accounts the details of credit of same month (ongoing) and also not showing some are missing credit.


Answer: (i) In some case the Transmission time for General Provident Fund schedules to the respective GP Fund sections for individual provident fund account takes time, so the department takes more time for posting in individual PF accounts its approx 4 months for example the status of posting for the month of March is displayed in July). So we advise you to please wait for about four (4) months to know the status of current month.


(ii) In many times the subscriber find missing credit to his PF a/c in that case he/she should sent their complete details which showing Treasury Voucher No. or Month, Total amount of Bill, copy of GPF schedules for that particular month etc. through the DDO.


Question3:- What you should do if you did not get the GPF statement for a particular year.

Answer:– (i) You need to contact your concerned DDO regarding the statement because Statements are issued/got received to the DDOs/ their representatives in the 3rd week to July every year.

(ii) You can also directly contact to DDO for the same issue. gpf status

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