Documents required for Final Payment of GPF Balance Maharashtra


Subscriber or employee who needs his final withdrawal of PF account he/she sent the Application for final payment to this office in “Form B” or “Form C”. Form B is for retirement and in “Form C” in death cases and should contain the following details:

1. The application form should be signed by the subscriber with complete details like date, residential address & telephone number of the subscriber.

2. Application should add all certificate related to his advance or withdrawal sanctioned during the last 12 months (twelve months of his/her job) prior to retirement/Dismissal/Death.

3. They need to attach the details of last fund deduction.

4. Signed by the higher authority competent to sanction NRA to the subscriber.

5. Complete address of the DDO with PIN code in favour of whom authority to be issued.

6. Subscriber have to add al details related to missing credits or missing debits if any such as voucher Number and date, total amount raised in such voucher and subscription and refund amount.

7. Nomination filed by the subscriber.

8. There should be clear mention of before noon or afternoon in case of date of voluntary retirement.

Applicant should submit the following additional details in cases of death/termination/absconding:

9. In some cases where nominee is not present or its absence then the family member details of the subscriber with age and marital status (married/unmarried) in case of daughters on the day of death of the subscriber.

10. Subscribers death certificate should be duly attested.

11. Basic pay and grade pay of the deceased subscriber on the day of death.

12. Guardian ship certificate or indemnity bond in case of minor children in the absence natural guardian.

13. Termination order in case of dismissal or medical invalidation.

Applicant should submit the following additional details in cases of Absconding:

14. First information report filed with the police authorities in absconding cases.

15. .Verification Report by the Police.

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