How to Check status of Your PF Balance Online


PF (GEPF, EPF) is the only big saving for every employee.  For govt. (government employee) it’s GEPF, and for other it is EPF. And we are always curious about our savings, while we plan to invest our saving. How we know that how much I have saved in PF (GEPF) or EPF (For private sector employees). This saving is the only amount on which you either government servant or a private service employee trust more on your PF savings. In any time you need to know that how much savings you have in my PF, GEPF or EPF account. Here are some simple process to check the savings of your PF, GEPF and EPF account. If your are private sector employee then you will be more aware about the accuracy of deposing your contribution in PF(GEPF or EPF).  If you are private sector employee then your concern will be more about whether your employer is depositing your PF regularly or not?  Hera is some simple ways to check your PF balance amount online. For your kind information please follow the same.


Here is simple way to get your balance PF by SMS.

What you require to check online your PF (GEPF) balance.

  1.  Your registered office of EPFO.
  2. The EPF or PF number
  3. Your Name as per your EPF/Bank Account, or as per your salary slip.
  4. Your permanent  mobile number.

Follow the below steps to know your EPF balance

1- Visit ‘Know Your EPF Balance’ Page

To know the PF balance you have to visit the Know your EPF Balance Page. On the page, click on the know your EPF balance link.


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  1. Genden Norbu says

    gpf balance

    1. vineeth kumar kp says

      how can i get my gpf account balance to mobie no. ? How can i register my mob. n. ?

  2. shrikant bhimrao chavan says

    please send my 2014-2015 year slip

    1. SANTOSH SHARDA says

      please send my 2014-2015 year slip

  3. subrata maity says

    please send my GPF 2014-2015 balance at credit .

  4. k.prakash says

    balance of gpf

  5. salim uddin salim uddln says

    my gpf

  6. Lakshmi c says

    My Gpf balance sheet for 2013-14 and 2014-15

  7. Harchandkhatri says

    My gpf a/c no 258020. I retd from service on 30_9_2008. I want to know any money pending in my a/c. Thanks

  8. Ajit kumar says

    मेरे पिता स्व॰ गुजर प्रसाद के,G.P.F की राशि को किरानी ने अभी तक भुगतान नहीँ किया है मैँ जानना चाहता हूँ कि G.P.F का Balance कितना है D.D.O NO RNCE 16415 S है

  9. vikram singh says

    gpf statement for 2015-16

  10. Suresh singha says

    Please tell me how many cash has diposited in my GPF account till now.

  11. Suresh singha says

    Please tell me how many cash has diposited in my GPF account till now.plz mail me in details.

  12. TcRajesh says


  13. Rajendra Baswani Teli says

    Please reply my balance

  14. ma says

    Mangarampet required over SIP Balance

  15. Anonymous says

    How can I know my gpf balance

  16. mohan lal jatav says

    Plz send the my gpf slip 2011-12

  17. SHIVJI LAL JAT says

    MY GPF BALANCE IS NEGETIVE Contact Disst SIPF Office TONK But NON SATISFACTION Of My Negetive Balance Sanctioned Permanent Loan 240000 Before 5 Years And Temprery Loan for 3 Years Ago

    Not Enterd My 2012 Balance MY GPF NO 578025 Employee ID RJTO198536019249

  18. Raj kumar says

    Please send my final statement of GPF account no 37448

  19. Rajesh says

    Well explained about GPF, thank you.

  20. Rinchin Norzom says

    How to check my GPF Balance sheet

  21. nagendrakumar says

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  22. Anonymous says

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